Reasons to Get Winter Tires for Your Car This Season

Winter is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about preparing your car for cold weather driving. One of the most important things you can do to ensure a safe and comfortable ride during winter is to invest in a set of winter tires. Not sure if winter tires are worth the investment? Here are 5 reasons to get winter tires this season!

winter tire in snow
winter tire in snow

1. Winter tires are designed to grip icy and snowy roads.

Winter tires are like a lifeline during the icy winter months. They differ from regular tires due to their specific design; small slits, known as sipes, give winter tires added traction and stability on slippery terrain. These sipes increase the tire’s surface area, allowing it to “bite” into snow and ice – just like how a person’s shoe sole will provide more traction on snow and ice than the bottom of a sock. Furthermore, winter tires have unique rubber compounds which maintain their flexibility in colder temperatures, allowing drivers to remain safe and secure during harsh winter conditions. Thankfully with modern technology, we are no longer at the mercy of Mother Nature for our safety: with winter tires installed one can drive confidently even during snowstorms!

2. They remain flexible in colder temperatures when regular tires become hard and brittle.

Another one of the reasons why you should get winter tires is that Winter tires provide enhanced levels of grip, allowing for reliable traction and precise handling even on icy surfaces. They are designed to remain flexible in colder temperatures when regular tires become hard and brittle, giving drivers increased confidence during the winter months. The tread design of winter tires helps to evacuate snow and slush from the surface area, protecting against aquaplaning and hydroplaning. Moreover, high-quality winter tires disperse water quickly reducing the chance of skidding or slipping and providing better braking. All in all, having dedicated winter tires is a must for those who have roads covered with ice, snow or other treacherous materials in cold temperatures.

3. They have deeper treads that help clear snow and slush from the tire.

Winter tires are a must-have accessory for anyone looking to get through the season safely. They are designed with specialized layers of rubber compounds, deeper treads and increased sipes that all work together to provide much better traction in cold temperatures and on snowy, icy surfaces. Thanks to their added depth at the tread, winter tires can effectively clear away snow and slush from the tire more quickly and efficiently, allowing for continued traction performance on roads when other vehicles might be struggling. With more traction also comes improved braking times – a great assurance when you and your passengers need to come to sudden stops in hazardous weather conditions.

4. Winter tires provide better braking power and handling on slippery roads.

Winter weather can put a strain on drivers and their cars, as slippery roads make braking and cornering hazardous. That’s why having the right tires is important this time of year. Winter tires provide greatly improved braking power and handling on snow and icy surfaces, ensuring improved safety when conditions deteriorate. These tires are able to provide better grip due to an increased number of sipes, or little slits, which generate more biting edges against the road surface. With winter tires, drivers gain added peace of mind that they can maneuver even in adverse conditions.

5. They improve fuel efficiency by reducing rolling resistance.

A frequent concern in the automotive world is reducing fuel consumption and increasing fuel efficiency. Companies are constantly looking for new ways to combat this. One of their solutions has been to reduce rolling resistance, which can be achieved by using low-resistance tires with special compounds and tread designs that reduce friction between the tire and the road. These tires not only improve overall vehicle efficiency, but also help to minimize wear on brakes and suspension parts. Consequently, these specialized tires are becoming increasingly popular among drivers who want to save at the gas pump while still getting reliable performance from their vehicle.

If you plan on doing any driving during winter, then a set of winter tires is essential. They may cost a bit more than regular tires, but the safety, comfort, and peace of mind they provide is well worth the investment. So don’t wait until it’s too late—get your winter tires now! If you get into an accident in Omaha and require towing then give us a call. We will dispatch our Omaha Tow Truck to provide roadside assistance during the slippery season. Stay Safe Everyone and Happy Holidays!

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